Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Why I stand up for Judy's criticism of gentlemen

I WAS amused at Judy Finnigan's comment in the Richard and Judy column regarding commuters who fail to give up their seats on public transport to pregnant women ("Go on behave like a gent", June 12).

She rues the fact that men in particular have lost the art of behaving like gentlemen.

While I would not disagree with this statement, Judy must appreciate that many women in this day and age have stopped behaving like ladies.

It brings to mind the story of the man who graciously offered his seat on a bus to a standing female passenger. In a rather haughty manner the woman said to him: "I suppose you are doing this because I am a lady."

"No," the man replied, "I am doing it because I am a gentleman."

John Vinnicombe,

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